Trinfinity8 offers specially created organic essential oils unlike anything else now available on the market. Infused with crystal coding, information, and Trinfinity8’s unique healing algorithms, many energy practitioners now refer to them as “sacred” oils.  We have to agree, as quick results are not uncommon. 

What client says:

” My clients experience fast pain relief whenever I apply Trinfinity8’s Relief8 oil to key acupressure points on the body.  I can’t seem tokeep enough in stock. It works like a miracle.” – Judy F., Reiki Practitioner, California

These are 100% organic oils bottled in Miron Glass for longevity, comes with easy roll-on dispenser.  Take them anywhere and always feel in-tune. ( Size: 10ml) 

  1. FOCUS8 – Helps with daily mental clarity, attention, and task-related focus
  2. FACE GLOW – A little energetic facelift in a bottle.  Helps to feel and look younger
  3. CHILL OUT – A great stress reliever.  Apply to your temples and feel blissfully relaxed
  4. PASSION8 – Feel amorous and sexy.  Increase libido and life force energy to get you humming
  5. RELIEF8 – Helps release pain and inflammation, while promoting relief to body, mind and spirit
  6. FREEDOM8 – Helps relieve addictive cravings; appetite, smoking, and other unhealthy behaviours
  7. DIVINE ALIGNMENT – Great for activation of the pineal gland, third eye, and awakening heart


For centuries, lime and lemon has been used as the treatment for skin problems. After 25 years of lab test and research, it was discovered that CITRUS EXTRACT is very rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and bioflavonoids. This combination is able to break down the cell membrane of bacteria and kill them. CITRUS EXTRACT has the distinction of being extremely safe for human consumption yet is very effective in the elimination of harmful bacteria. These qualities make CITRUS EXTRACT the most useful product in the world. It has more than 100 uses. It is a product of the future, useful FROM HEAD TO TOE.

Size: 75ml ( Code: BN1004)


Recommended For: 

Skin Problems – Citrus Extract is very effective against many kind of skin diseases as they are normally caused by bacteria. Spray Citrus Extract to affected are 2 or 3 times daily.

Mosquito/Insect Bites/Itchy Skin/ Rashes – Spray Citrus Extract onto affected area and rub it. You may spray as often as required and itchiness or rashes will go off.

Food Poisioning – As Citrus Extract is a natural antibiotic and kills bacteria instantly, it can give immediate relief to food poisoning. It does not harm the good bacteria in our body.

First Aid For Minor Injuries – Citrus Extract is ideal for cleaning wounds. Its germicide activities will kill all bacteria to prevent infection. Being rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, it will also aid and speed up healing wound. Just spray onto affected area.

Tooth Ache/Sore Gums (Gingivitis) – Bacteria thrive in plague, which is made up of protein and sugar. The activities of these bacteria cause tooth decay and sore gums, causing a lot pain and discomfort. Spray Citrus Extract onto affected tooth/sore gums and immediate relief of pain can be felt.

Body Odour- Body Odour is caused by the bacteria decomposition of sweat trapped next to the skin. Normal deodorants only mask the smell. Nestrix citrus extract is extremely effective in controlling this problem because it inhibits the bacteria growth.

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