PAINLESS Wearable Well-Being Pendant

Wearable technology designed to enhance general, physical, emotional and mental well-being

This non-invasive electronic device has been specifically developed for personal use and offer the capacity to ease pain and revitalize energy levels.

Flexible attachment through the integral velcro strap 


Built into each of the device are a variety of different programs. Only some are directly available (User Selected Programs) the rest are automatically selected based on a number of factors. These include: time of day, therapy level selected and personalised scan. 

Each program consists of a number of elements:-
– Program duration
– Magnetic pulse frequency
– Adaptive Resonance Fractal Signature Patterns 

When a programme is activated (manually or automatically) over its run duration, the pulse frequency will fluctuate in a very specific way and a whole sequence of adaptive resonant signature patterns will be used to facilitate the required therapeutic action.

Advanced Therapeutic Technology 

The therapeutic processes are based on two (2) principles: 

  • Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF) – a well-proven and accepted therapeutic approach that has been shown to aid with multiple well-being factors including: Improved energy levels, pain reduction, accelerated wound healing, improved blood oxygenation,  better sleep patterns and many more 

  • Adaptive Resonance – adds potency and targeted action to PEMF providing more specific effects. Adds depth and breadth to its therapeutic potential

This compact and discrete painless unit offers a very simple to use and effective way of aiding multiple cases where pain and discomfort are experienced. The unit emits a combination of pulsed magnetic and light fields that act in a way to ease pain and accelerate injury recovery.

The unit can be used directly over the area of discomfort or on Acupuncture and pain trigger points. To activate simply press the button and it automatically runs through a series of programs to reduce pain, accelerate recovery and uplift emotions that can become depressed from prolonged pain. After 28 minutes it will automatically switching off.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery 

Painless unit features a built-in long life rechargeable battery.  It is charged by inserting a micro USB lead into the socket at the side of unit and connecting the other end into a USB charger or USB port on a computer. When charging, the yellow battery light on the front panel will illuminate. A single charge will give several weeks of use.

Device Specifications: 

Size (L, B, H)             : 37mm (1.5in), 36mm (1.4in),  8.6mm (0.3in)
Weight                      : 13g (1/2 Oz)
Battery                      : Built in long life rechargeable
Magnetic field output   : Micro Tesla range
Pulse frequency          : 1Hz – 100Hz
Operating temperature: -5’c to 50’c

Made in UK

Code: D1006

Well-Being Device

A personal wellness device specifically for the general aiding of emotional anxiety and stress.  It helps to calm the mind, relax the body, establish a good sleep pattern and generally revitalise the body and mind.  

Worry, nervousness, irritability, depression, digestive upsets, rapid heart rate, low libido, sleep disorders, nervous habits, headaches, lethargy, hyperactive, shallow breathing, and many more ………

* Compact   * Portable   * Non-Invasive   * Electronic 

Incorporates 4 powerful technologies:
1. Proprietary Adaptive Resonance – Activating body’s acupuncture meridians
2. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) — Stimulating self-healing within body
3. Light Stimulation – Activating acupuncture points & cellular activity
4. Ultrasound – Opens energy pathways, frees energy blocks & energizes connective tissues

Programme Selection:

  • For acute & chronic stress & anxiety
  • Offers calming & relaxing effect
  • Duration: 15 mins
  • Helps to re-establish good sleep pattern 
  • Duration: 25 mins 
  • Re-establishes a sense of vitality
  • Duration: 15 mins 
Size: 75 (H) x 50 (W) x 18 (D) mm Weight: 35 gms Battery: CR2032 Coin Cell Power 0.02W
Product of UK 
Code: D1001

ACUPEARL PRO Therapeutic System On-The-Go

AcuPearl Pro is a compact, hand-held, non-invasive electronic therapeutic device specifically developed for therapy use, offering a wide potential to aid with a range of health issues – Physical, Energy and Mind. The main aim of AcuPearl system is to provide support for the body’s natural self-repair systems by revitalizing body’s energy, reducing stress, clearing blockages, and directing proper energy flow.  It’s not to meant to treat or cure as such.  

AcuPearl Pro incorporates a range of powerful technologies designed to offer effective therapeutic results. 

  • Pulse 
  • Ultrasound 
  • Light 
  • Mechanical vibration   
  • Electromagnetic 
  • Multi-wave osciliator array

Therapy Advantages: 

  • Addresses physical, energy & mind aspects
  • Directly works with acupuncture points & meridians
  • Specific programs for aiding different tissue types & joints
  • Incorporates a set of auto-tap Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) application
  • General programmes for assisting with sleep, revitalizing stress & depression
  • Can be used directly on or away from body
  • Complimentary with other therapeutic approaches
  • Safe to use in almost all situations
  • No creams or gel required
  • Effects easily shown on CardioWav HRV Analyser 


  • Simple to use menus
  • 6 therapy categories
  • More than 60 present therapy programs (Plus model)
  • Variable settings for timing & intensity
  • Left & right hand orientation modes
  • Single joystick control/navigation
  • Large character LCD back-light screen
  • Program progress bar indicator
  • No negative side effects
  • No rest period required between sessions
  • Auto power off
  • USB charging port
  • PIN security
  • Battery-operated

Size: 6.1 W x 10 L x 1.8 H cm
Comes with Therapy & User Guides

Available in 2 different models: 

(D1003B)- 3 therapy categories
(D1003P) – 6 therapy categories

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