Mr. Lim – Age 36; Presenting Problem: Shoulder & Upper Back Spasm 

 “I’ve been having this severe pain on the whole shoulder & upper back for more than a month. I felt the sharp pain the moment I move or lift my hand.I believe my pain is due to stress.The pain was unbearable.I’ve tried various massage therapies but didn’t help.I wasn’t sure if Bioniva can help with my problem.When I first went there, my intention was just to do a diagnosis on my pain issue as I wasn’t free to do any treatment. The Physiotherapist told me to come back the next day for treatment. After the diagnosis, Rebecca saw I was in great pain & she asked if I can spare 10 minutes so that she could provide quick pain relief before I leave. She used a device & treated my whole upper back for about 10 minutes.I felt the immediate relief.The pain on the left side completely gone.The pain on the right side reduced by more than 50%.I can move my hands easily without that “pain”. I ended up staying back at the centre for than an hour for wellness screening and made appointment for treatment the next day. The next morning when I got up from bed, I realized I was sleeping on my right side where it got me worried that I might have problem in getting out of the bed which happened many times before.To my surprise, I got up without a single problem.All my pain was gone! I told Rebecca it was very weird.Just one treatment, my severe pain was gone & I’m back to normal again. “

Ms. Tan – Age 44; Presenting Problem: Upper Back near shoulder blade – sharp pain

“I always have this sharp pain & numbness on the upper back near the shoulder blade area.The pain will come & go. It’s very disturbing.Even a slight touch on the spot gives the terrible pain sensation.My friend recommended me to Bioniva to try out their wellness screening.The second visit to the centre was when I have the sharp pain again.I pointed to Rebecca where exactly the pain was.Upon the diagnosis, she started with the treatment.She said the blockage was somewhere else not that particular pain spot.I wasn’t sure what she meant by blockage. However, she said she has to clear the blockage first.Once the blockage cleared, it will help to rid the pain.True enough what she said. She was treating somewhere else but my pain was completely gone.I couldn’t believe that so I tried to press & find the pain spot again but I couldn’t detect any.I was indeed very happy with that.I will surely recommend my friends to Bioniva for any pain treatment.I’m going to try out their Muscle Tension Release Therapy which my friend said is really good. “

Mrs. Chin – Age 62; Presenting Problem: Lower back strain

“I guess it must be due to aging process and lack of exercise that I have this lower back straining.  It’s not very painful and doesn’t bother me much.  I went to Bioniva to have a diagnosis done. True enough my problem isn’t a serious one.  However, for prevention purpose, I went ahead to try out the Pain Therapy. Before the actual treatment starts, they put me onto a Foot Sauna Therapy before proceeding to the pain therapy. The Physiotherapist was very caring, skillful and professional.  Her manual treatment was good. To my surprise, my whole lower back felt relieved & don’t have that straining feeling at all after the treatment.  I truly enjoyed the treatment.  I’ll come back and try out their Muscle Tension Release Therapy”.  

Ms. Lau – Age 31; Presenting Problem: Straining at the whole back area due to taking care of baby

“I have to take care of my 1-year old child at night.Due to this I always feel fatigue and having strains & tightness on my upper & lower back. My friend recommended us to check out Bioniva.I did the 1st trial Pain Therapy.The whole treatment session was very relaxing that I almost dozed off.The best is I felt so light & free. I don’t feel the strain and tightness anymore.I’ll come back & experience their other treatments. “

Mrs. Rash – Age 41; Presenting Problem: Lower back pain 

I have been having severe upper and lower back pain due to Slip Disc for the past 15 years which prevented me from doing house chores.  I did go to a physio and spine treatment centre nearby for treatment but my pain was still there. I stopped going to the centre as I was very busy. Also the pain wasn’t attacking me seriously. On Apr 27, suddenly I had this terrible pain on both my upper & lower back which was unbearable.  Since Bioniva centre is just downstairs, so I decided to give it a try.  After discussing with Mel, the physiotherapist, I proceeded with the treatment.  Mel was very patient. She did a diagnosis on my pain and then started the treatment by detected the pain area. She used a machine & moved it along my back. Through out the treatment it was very relaxing.  After the treatment, I felt so fresh, relaxed and my whole back was so relieved – no Pain! It was really wonderful.  I can feel the big difference before & after.  Definitely a money-worth treatment for me. I’ll surely come back again

Ms. Foo, Age 41: Presenting Problem: Low Back Pain 

“I had low back pain.  It started few months ago and it became worse after I played badminton.  I have undergone physio treatment before this and my pain increased after a couple of weeks after the treatment.  The pain was bad as it restricted my movements.  I was limping.  Since there’s this new Bioniva Physio Centre just opened at our condo here, so I decided to give it a try.  Due to the pain, I was having difficulties sitting down to fill up the patient form.  After the 60 minutes treatment, I couldn’t believe that I could walk as normal without pain & I could sit down & enjoy my lemongrass tea. Thank you Mel & Bioniva!”

Mrs. Ong – 61; Presenting Problem: Neck, Upper Back & Arm Stiffness 

“ I have been having pain over my neck and radiating pain over my right arm for few months.  I took MRI to confirm my problem.  My problem confirmed as Cervical Stenosis at C3, C4 & C5 and was advised by doctor to go for physio treatment.  So happen one day when I went to visit my daughter at Tropicana, I saw Bioniva Physio Centre.  As I’m still having the pain and stiffness on my neck, upper back & arm, I went in to inquire for treatment.  Just in 1 session of about 60 minutes, both my pain and stiffness reduced significantly which I can feel immediately.  I can move my arm easily.  I will surely come for the physio treatment again whenever I come down to Tropicana to visit my daughter.”

Mr. Wan –  55; Presenting Problem: Bilateral Upper Trapezius & Teres Minor Muscle Spasm

“ I worked as a customer service officer. I used computer and mouse for more than 8 hours a day for the past 15 years. Therefore I am suffering of neck pain, shoulder stiffness and right middle finger numbness. I have done x-rays for my neck and could not detect any fault in my spine. Sometimes, I feel very discomfort and I will go for a massage for temporary relief. As time passes my pain becoming worse. I decided to look for pain management treatment. I came across Bioniva Pain Management Centre advertisement in FB and I registered for their 1st trial promotion. I went for the treatment, surprisingly my right middle finger numbness were gone immediately. I was surprised and the best thing was my neck pain also reduced from pain scale 6 to 3.  After the treatment, the physiotherapist asked me to monitor myself for 1 week if my numbness comes back and if it’s as bad as it was. 1 week passed and I never had the numbness, only slight stiffness over my neck and shoulder joint. I’m glad that I went for the treatment and I would definitely recommend to my family members and friends. Thank you Bioniva!”

Mrs. Abdullah – 55; Presenting Problem: Frozen Shoulder 

“I have been diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder by doctor. I was unable to do house chores and daily activities normally. This really disturbs me  especially at night.  I have to always change my sleeping position in order to feel more comfortable.  Therefore, I went round trying to look for help to tackle my pain and discomfort. I saw Bioniva Pain Management Centre while scrolling through FB. Immediately I booked for appointment and went for the treatment. The treatment was so relaxing that I slept off. After the treatment I woke up and sat for a moment. Surprisingly, my shoulder pain reduced and I could move my shoulder better than before the treatment. I could feel so much of difference after the treatment. I decided to continue the treatment. Now, I am pain free.”

Mr. Leong – 59; Presenting Problem: Lower Back & Hip Joint Pain 

” The nature of my work requires me to stand for long time. This causes pain at my lower back and hip for the past 10 years.  I do exercises sometimes to help to reduce my pain but unable to do much as it was restricting of my movements.  I started looking for therapy to solve my problem until I came across Bioniva ad in FB.  I’m like other people went for the 1st trial promotion  After the treatment, I felt my whole back loosen up and felt so light.  Now I have continued with my exercises routine as the pain is restricting.”  

Mr. Yahya –  55; Presenting Problem:  Lower back muscle strain

“I am a retired government servant. I had sudden lower back strain 2 days back. I did not realize when my back muscles strained. While sitting I had sudden deep sharp pain over my left lower back. I could not rotate my body to look around as it was very painful. My wife recommended me this Bioniva Pain Management Centre and I went immediately on the same day. I was still in pain during the treatment. The treatment took place for an hour. After the treatment, surprisingly my pain reduced from pain scale 8 to 4. I could rotate my body to look around. I felt so much better after the treatment. Thank you Bioniva!”

Mr Yip – Age 43; Presenting Problem:  Neck stiffness and upper back discomfort

“I have been having neck stiffness and upper back discomfort for the past 5 years. I use computer for more than 6 hours a day. To relieve my pain and discomfort I only apply pain patches. My wife were undergoing pain management and rehabilitation therapy at Bioniva Pain Management Centre and she gave a good feedback. Therefore, I thought of giving a try for myself as well. I did their 1st trial promotion treatment. I felt so relieve and light after the treatment. Later on, I decided to follow up with the treatment. After every session I feel relieve and my neck stiffness is gone. My muscles are more loosen up. I would definitely recommend to my colleagues as they are also suffering the same condition. Thank you Bioniva!”

Ms. May – Age 39;  Presenting Problem: Neck and shoulder stiffness

“I have neck and shoulder stiffness since 2 years back due to my occupation. I have discomfort over my upper back but I have not done any treatment for my condition. Occasionally, I go for body massage but it only help me relieve my stiffness for temporary only. Therefore, I came to Bioniva Pain Management Centre to try out their treatment. I felt so light after the treatment and it was so relaxing that I almost doze off. Their service is good. The Physiotherapist explained well about the therapy.  I would definitely recommend this place to my colleagues. Thank you Mel!”

Mrs. Goh – Age 62; Presenting Problem: Calf & Hamstring Muscle spasm

“I have been suffering with pulling pain and stiffness over my right knee for the past 3 weeks. I have done laser treatment but it does not really help me with my pulling pain and stiffness.  Therefore, I were looking for alternative treatment for my condition. I came across Bioniva Pain Management Centre and tried their 1st trial promotion. The treatment were good I had immediate relieve of my right knee. The stiffn`ess and pulling pain reduced. I came for the follow up session after a month and my pain were gone. I truly recommend this treatment. Thank you Bioniva!”

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