Service with a Smile

1. How long is the treatment?
The duration for each treatment is approximately 60 minutes

2. Is the treatment painful?
Not to worry on this as intensity of treatment can be adjusted to your comfort level

3. How do you normally perform the treatment?
Treatment will be performed with a combination of special devices & also hands-on

4. What kind of pain do you treat?
We treat physical as well as emotional pain. For the list of pain treatments, please do call our therapist at 012-8787 985 for further information

5. How effective is your treatment?
Effectiveness depend on the severity & type of the pain, and not forgetting the readiness and cooperation from the client in the healing journey.  However, many of our clients have said our treatments are very effective.  Many of them can see immediate improvement right after the 1st treatment itself.

6. Is your pain treatment applicable to all types of pain?

7. Is your treatment effective for elderly problems?

8. Is your treatment good for stroke survivor patients?

9. How many times do I need to undertake the treatments?
It depends on your problem and the severity – acute of chronic

10. How soon can I see or feel the results after treatment?
It varies among individuals.  Some can feel the improvement  immediately after the 1st treatment. Some after 2 or 3 treatments.

11. Are your therapists qualified?
Yes, all are qualified physiotherapists & registered with the Physiotherapist Board of Malaysia

12. Is there any side effect from the treatment?  No

13. Can I just walk-in to get the treatment done?

We recommend that you make an appointment in advance so that we can book your slot and assign the therapist to attend to you accordingly.

Should you have other questions not listed here, please feel free to contact us at: 012-8787 985.  Our therapists will be more than happy to assist.

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