FAQs – BIONIVA DNA Decoding 

  1. What is DNA screening?

DNA screening, also known as genetic testing, is a medical test that identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins to predict a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

  1. Why would someone get a DNA screening?

People may choose to get a DNA screening for various reasons, including understanding their risk of certain genetic disorders, determining carrier status for conditions that could be passed to offspring, screening for genetic disorders in unborn babies, and tracing ancestry or verifying familial relationships.

  1. Is DNA screening safe?

Yes, DNA screening is typically safe. It involves saliva collection only. 

  1. How accurate are DNA screenings?

DNA screenings are usually highly accurate, but no test is 100% accurate all the time. The accuracy can depend on several factors, including the quality of the sample, the specific technology used, and the specific variant being tested.

  1. Will a DNA screening tell me everything about my health?

No, DNA screening can’t predict everything about your health. While it can identify certain genetic risks, it can’t determine whether a person will definitely develop a disease. Many health conditions are influenced by lifestyle factors and environmental exposures, not just genetics.

  1. Can DNA screening tell me about my ancestry?

Yes, certain types of DNA screening can provide insights into your ancestry and ethnic background. These tests analyze areas of your DNA that show your genetic connections to particular groups of people or geographic areas.

  1. What happens after a DNA screening test?

After a DNA screening, a healthcare professional or a genetic counselor will discuss the results with you. If a genetic risk is identified, they can guide you on the next steps, including further testing, preventive measures, or treatments.

  1. Who should consider DNA screening?

DNA screening is beneficial for anyone interested in understanding their genetic makeup. However, it’s particularly important for individuals with a family history of genetic disorders, couples planning to start a family, pregnant women, and anyone interested in personalized medicine.

  1. How much does a DNA screening cost?

The cost of DNA screening can vary widely depending on the type of selected profiles – single or full profiles. Call our customer service for more information on the cost. 


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