FAQs -

1. How long does one typical Bio-Rhythm & Regulatory screening session take?
It varies among individuals depending on their heart rate. Normally, it’s between 4 – 5 min.

2. Is the screening painful?
There’s NO pain at all. The two clips will be placed on your wrist. That’s it!

3. How accurate is the screening results?
It’s very much depends on individual client.

4. Does the client need to lie down for better readings?
The client can either lie down or on a sitting position. Whichever is comfortable to the client. Both positions will provide the same readings.

5. Can the practitioner influence the results of the screening?
There’s NO influence or interference from practitioner at all.

6. How often do I need to do the screening?
You may do the evaluation as often as you need as this screening helps you to monitor your progress.

7. Can I do another scan immediately after the 1st screening?

Yes. In fact, this screening is vastly used to measure the before & after therapy results.

8. Do I need to have a medical degree to use this tool in my clinic?
No. It’s not necessary. This tool has been designed for non-medical practitioners with all the user-friendly & easy to interpret diagrams & files.

9. Is there a limit to the number of computers that I can install this program?

10. Can this system be used on children?
Yes, as long as they can sit still for about 4-5 mins to record the readings.

11. Is there any contraindication that we need to observe?
So far none. However, please kindly take note that people with irregular heartbeats or heart problem like arrhythmia might not be able to record any readings.

12. Can I purchase this system for own use?

13. Is the purchase price inclusive of training?
Yes. Training will be conducted at our centre in Tropicana Grande, Petaling Jaya. 

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