1. How long does one typical Wellness Assessment session take?
It varies among practitioner depending on the services rendered. The screening takes a maximum of 15 seconds. Screening results interpretation will take another half hour to 45 minutes. Normally the first visit will take longer time as practitioner needs to understand the condition of client and record all the particulars.

2. Is the screening painful?
There’s NO pain at all. You just need to place your hand on top of the scanner. That’s it!

3. How accurate is the screening results?
It’s very much depends on individual client.

4. What is the accuracy level in terms of percentage?
There’s no absolute numbers to define the accuracy as the results depend on what the client expects to achieve.

5. Can the practitioner influence the results of the screening?
There’s NO influence or interference from practitioner at all.

6. How often do I need to do the screening?
Once every 3 weeks or 1 month.

7. Can I do another scan immediately after the 1st scan?
NO. You need to wait for at least 5 days before you can do the next scan.

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