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1. What so special about the technologies behind AcuPearl?
This simple to use hand-held, non-invasive device uniquely combines 5 powerful technologies which puts the AcuPearl way ahead of any of its comptetitors in the field.

Pulsed – low frequency-pulsed output of both the magnetic and the light spectrums. The process of pulsed stimulation (turning on & off in rapid succession) delivers enhanced effects over a permanent magnetic field and a constant light source. The rate & duration of the pulses is an important factor to the AcuPearl technology.

Electromagnetic – refers to the well-proven and accepted therapeutic technology of Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. This type of therapy uses low frequency, short duration, low intensity magnetic pulses to stimulate body tissues. The effects have been shown to be both positive and wide reaching including: accelerated tissue repair, pain relief, improved inflammation response, improved sleep, accelerated bone repair and much more.

Adaptive Resonance – is a proprietary method developed for AcuPearl to produce resonant signatures which are continually adapted in specific ways as the device is being used. It has some similarities to Multi-Wave Oscillators developed in the 1920s by Georges Lakhovsky. And also incorporates the ideas of James Oshman and the connective tissue matrix communication network which goes some way to giving a tangible basis to the Chinese meridian system.

Light – The primary light source is provided by a central red LED (Light Emitting Diode) which pulsates at a rate undetectable to the eye. The pulsation rate has been chosen to help open up the acupuncture and meridian channels and energize tissues. Around the main LED are three secondary yellow LEDs and these visibly flash on and off when the device is in operation. The rate at which they flash and the apparent direction of rotation (clockwise or anti-clockwise) is automatically sequenced as the device is being used to give either an energizing/activating effect or calming/dispersing effect.

Ultrasound – Basically the meridians flow through the connective tissue and where they get blocked, pain tends to appear – painful obstruction syndrome TCM calls it. The ultrasound helps ease the blocks by opening up the energy channels. Very low level of ultrasound are used and low frequency 25KHz (medical ultrasound equipment is of the order of 700KHz and high energy). The acuperl unit only penetrates a centimeter or so. This makes it safe. We can use such low energy as it is used in conjunction with resonance, light and magnetism and the combined effect is what gives it its potency.

 2. Is it like a TENS device?
No. It does not have electric sensation like the Transcutaneous Electro-Neuro-Stimulator (TENS). Like the TENS device, it (AcuPearl-Painless) can ease & remove pain. On top of that, the AcuPearl Chillout helps with the general aiding of emotional anxiety & stress.

3. Is the device easy to use?
The AcuPearl is very simple & effective to use. You simply apply the device over the area where it hurts. For example, if your knee hurts, strap the device over the joints of the knee; if your arm hurts, strap the device over the painful arm area.

Of course, if you have some knowledge about acupuncture, trigger points, chakra, you can use the AcuPearl over those meridians and points to enhance the therapeutic effect and expand the potency of the device.

4. Is there any side effects with the AcuPearl?
So far, none being detected.

5. Who can use AcuPearl?
AcuPearl can be used by anyone, irrespective of age or gender. However, it’s NOT RECOMMENDED for:-
* Person who is drunk
* Psychotic people
* Pregnancy
* Acute infection diseases of obscure origin
* Person with pacemaker

6. How many programs are there in AcuPearl?
There are 3 programs each on Chillout (Revitalise, Sleep & CalmRelax) 

7. How do we know where & how to apply AcuPearl onto respective health conditions?
There is a User manual detailing the complete information for your reference. However, both AcuPearl Chillout & Painless are meant for home use & for general therapeutic purpose only.

8. Can I use AcuPearl for acute pain?
Yes. If you are in acute pain such as a recent injury, inflammation, recent surgery, headaches, etc, AcuPearl can definitely help you.

9. How long will a treatment take?
Treatment time takes between 5 – 20 minutes, depending on the number of functions selected & conditions of affected spot/area.

10. How often should I use my AcuPearl in order to get results?
AcuPearl Chillout: For acute circumstances where a situation promotes anxiety, then the device can be used there and then for several doses if needed to promote a sense of calm. For chronic long term stress & anxiety use the device everyday at a regular time & steadily it may be noticed that general stress & anxiety levels diminished.

11. What can I expect during the treatment session?
It varies among individuals. Some feel a slight warm sensation emitted from the device

12. Will I get immediate relief from the problem after the treatment session?
Although the aim of each treatment is to achieve a CHANGE in your condition, in some cases you might not experience any significant change after the first session. Though changes are working internally & you feel the improvement gradually.

13. What do I get when I purchase a AcuPearl?
The package includes: AcuPearl device, CR2032 battery, Instruction Manual & Velcro Strap

14. Do I need to have medical background to use AcuPearl?
This AcuPearl does not require any medical background. 

15. How do I know if the unit is functioning?
When you press the “On” button, the LED light will light. 

16. How should I apply AcuPearl?
There are 2 primary ways in which AcuPearl is applied:
i) Over a general area of the body such as tense muscles to help relax these. It may be held still or moved in a general sweeping action several inches from the body. The magnetic fields will work through clothing

ii) Or it may be held over an acupoint to give more specific action as discussed in the suggestions for use section of the instruction manual

17. Can I use the 3 programs together in succession instead of manually selecting each one?
Yes, there’s a built-in Auto-Run Mode where you can set the device to automatically step through each of the 3 programs in succession. This can be convenient when addressing chronic issues where the device will deliver a complete set of programs without having to manually select each one.

18. Is there any warranty?
Yes, AcuPearl device is warrantied against any material or workmanship defects on a repair or replace basis for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase

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