DNA screening, also known as genetic testing, allows individuals to understand their genetic makeup and identify any potential risks related to inherited disorders. It’s a proactive health check that provides valuable insights into your genetic health, helping you to understand your body better, make informed decisions, and manage your health proactively. Unveiling the secrets locked in your genes has never been easier. Buckle up and join us on this fascinating journey.

Explore the Secrets of your DNA with more than 1000+ Genes reported
Discover How to Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Eat Smarter.
Learn more about your fitness, wellness, nutrition & diets, skincare sensitivity, health risk, carrier status and other personal traits.

What you will get

Diet & Nutrition Insights :Comprehensive insights into your nutrition needs and sensitives to help you personalise your diet.

Wellness & Fitness Insights : Learn about how your DNA affects your well-being and how you respond to different exercise routines.
Skin Care Insights : Make informed beauty decisions by better understanding your skin needs
Health Risks Insights : Learn whether you are predisposed with high risk genotypes
Drug Sensitivity Insights : Examines how your genes affect your response to common FDA-approved medications
Mental Health & Personal Trait Insights : Understanding the genetics behind your appearance and senses
Diet & Nutrition Insights

Make better informed nutritional choices. Discover genetic insights into your optimal diet based on your unique DNA. You will learn about your nutritional needs and dietary sensitivities across 15 categories:

*Alcohol Response               *Caffeine Sensitivity   *Fat Sensitivity              *Folic Acid Needs                 *Lactose Tolerance    *Salt Sensitivity          *Vitamin B6 Needs               *Vitamin C Needs       *Antioxidant Needs  *Carbohydrate Sensitivity    *Gluten Sensitivity      *Vitamin B12 Needs  *Omega-3 Needs                   *Vitamin D Needs      *Taste Sensitivity    *Sweet Tooth

Wellness & Fitness Insights

Explore deeper into how your genetics can help guide your lifestyle and training choices. You will learn about your unique wellness and fitness profile across 10 categories:

  • Sprint Performance
  • Muscle Strength
  • Athletic Ability
  • Post-Exercise Heart Rate Recovery Rate
  • Heart Rate Increase During Exercise
  • Habitual Physical Activity
  • Marathon Endurance
  • Achilles Tendon Ruptures
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture
  • Marathon Personal Best Time
Skin Care Insights

Genetic variations play a key role in determining your skin sensitivities and characteristics, as well as your skin’s ageing process. Make informed beauty decisions by better understanding your skin needs across 11 categories:

*Anti-photoaging ability   *Anti-oxidant capacity   *Skin elasticity          *Anti-tanning                        *Skin barrier                     *Anti-acne ability  *Dermal sensitivity              *Freckles                          *Varicose veins *Protection against glycation

Health Risks Insights

Genetic factors may influence your chances of developing certain health conditions. Learn whether you are predisposed with high risk genotypes for 39 common diseases:

*COVID-19 Risk                  *BCRA1/2 Risk                *Asthma          *Hypertension                    *Atopic Dermatitis          *Restless Legs Syndrome  *Allergic Rhinitis                *Type 2 Diabetes             *Vitiligo                *Exfoliation Glaucoma      *Alcohol Dependence    *Rheumatoid Arthritis  *Coronary Heart Disease  *Hypertriglyceridemia    *Chronic Kidney Disease  *Myocardial Infarction       *Renal Calculus              *Bipolar Disorder  *Ischemic Stroke                *Graves’ Disease            *IgA Nephropathy  *Hypothyroidism                 *Atrial Fibrillation           *Scoliosis          *Pulmonary Fibrosis           *Hypersomnia                *Gout                        *Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease                              *Hemochromatosis (HFE- related)   

Drug Sensitivity Insights

Everyone might not respond to the same medications in the same way and knowledge of your personal response to medications can lower your risk of adverse drug reactions. Our test examines how your genes affect your response to common FDA-approved medications: 


*Adalimumab   *alendronate   *amisulpride   *amlodipine         *aripiprazole  *atenolol           *atorvastatin   *budesonide   *buprenorphine   *bupropion  *carbif Dilo       *celecoxib        *chlorpromazine   *citalopram   *clopidogrel  *daptomycin    *dexlansoprazole   *diazepam      *diclofenac    *diclocillin  *digoxin            *duloxetine      *Enalapril         *erythromycin    *escitalopram

Mental Health & Personal Trait Insights

Take one step closer in understanding the genetics behind your appearance and senses, along the way you might discover other personal traits which could be unknown to you:

*Pressure Handling       *Creativity        *Language           *Memory        *Juvenile white hair       *Adaptability    *Height                *Easy body mass  *Waist circumference   *Hair colour      *Hair curling        *Complexity       *Eye colour                     *Eyelid type       *Earlobe shape   *Earwax type  *Facial hair and body hair   *Left and right hand                *Sweating            *Ear prominence tendency

Who Should Go for DNA Screening?

DNA screening isn’t just for those who are planning to start a family or who are already pregnant. It’s a beneficial tool for anyone who wants to understand their genetic makeup better. However, it’s especially important for the following groups:

  1. Individuals with a Family History of Genetic Disorders: If you have a family history of genetic disorders, DNA screening can help you understand your risk and take necessary precautions.
  2. Couples Planning to Start a Family: Genetic disorders can be passed down from parents to their children. DNA screening can help couples understand their risk of having a child with a genetic disorder.
  3. Pregnant Women: DNA screening can identify genetic disorders in a developing fetus. This can help doctors and parents make informed decisions about treatment and care.
  4. Individuals Interested in Their Ancestry: DNA screening can also provide insights into your ancestry and ethnic background.
  5. Anyone Interested in Personalized Medicine: As our understanding of genetics grows, personalized medicine is becoming a reality. DNA screening can help you understand how your body might respond to certain medications, helping your healthcare provider to tailor treatments to your unique genetic makeup.

Remember, DNA screening is a tool, not a crystal ball. It can’t predict everything about your health, but it can provide valuable insights. If you’re considering DNA screening, talk to a healthcare professional to understand the benefits and limitations of this technology.

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