Through Energy & Information

TOTAL WELLNES SYSTEM lets you Detect & Correct Patterns of Energy in Your Body through an easy 3-step process

Wellness testing and evaluation is one of the initial steps in the age management process. Each client/member is thoroughly evaluated and given a customized battery of tests.  These may include holistic energetic test, heart rate variability test, aura test, digital meridian test and more.  This will allows us to accurately identify your issues and to customize a plan for achieving your best health & vitality.This natural energetic scanning system will review up to 150 systems and sub-systems of the human body-field, as well as:

  • Energy Analysis: Identify energy blockages in the body’s musculoskeletal system and energy channels, analyse the strength of the energy produced by various systems & organs

  • Informational Analysis: Identify information distortions in your body’s master control system

  • Nutritional Analysis: Highlight challenges in absorption & metabolic processes

  • Environmental Analysis: Detect functional damage to the body-field, toxins & EMFs

  • Emotional & Mental Analysis: Identify core emotions, beliefs, past chock & trauma that may still be presenting as conflicts or which are stored in the body-field as tissue, cellular or energetic memory


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