About Us

Focusing on optimal health and well-being, BIONIVA Holistic Specialist Centre for Cellular Wellness, Pain Management, Physio and Rehabilitation is committed to bringing health and vitality to our clients, motivating clients to be as passionate as we are about enjoying and living a healthy, active and balanced life.

BIONIVA’s holistic approach to age defying solutions promotes inner health and total vitality, and employs fundamental strategies that aim to improve current conditions while addressing the maintenance and prevention of age-related health issues. At BIONIVA, we share and guide each client toward safe, effective solutions. We incorporate all the latest, revolutionary, patented, clinically-researched technologies that are effective.  Proven plans are tailored especially for our clients, and will help clients reach their goals and attain Health that Shows – Age that doesn’t.


  • To empower People to lead a pain-free, healthier, happier and active life through wholistic natural, preventive and regenerative solutions.
  • To assist our clients reach the maximum potential for their individual physical needs and abilities

Our compassionate staff aggressively focuses on increasing the function and physical well-being of our clients/members who suffer from painful conditions or restricted mobility due to disease, injury or ageing process.

And while we treat each client as an individual, our primary goals for each client remain the same:

  • Implementation of prevention solutions to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being and to prevent diseases and disability
  • Increase strength and function while reducing physical limitations and pain
  • Build physical awareness and strength
  • Cultivate lifestyle behaviours that promote wellness and longevity
  • Restore daily living activities (given abilities)
  • Maximize potential to perform daily living activities

BIONIVA is committed to deliver truly transformative results! a